M & M

 To be a member of the M&Ms requires that you be a regular attender a CCBC and that you be 60 or be retired , your spouse is automatically received in , no matter of his or her age , also exceptions may be made by the leadership of the M&Ms at there discretion (due to special circumstances). We as the leadership usually approach new attendees and invite them in after observing people’s commitment to being a regular at CCBC. 
We try to have at least 4 or more outings per year , some times more , the Word of God is a priority, fellowship, then food , then an activity in that order.  We also encourage that people invite unchurched guests as an out reach !
The M&M’s would like to thank the kind
and generous person who paid our way
to the Faith Christian School’s dinner matinee.
We really appreciated it.
A great time was had by all at the Wild Animal Park in Alto Mi , wishing all could have attended !