Service Committees

Below are the committees and their chairpersons. Those on each committee are responsible to the chairperson of the particular committee, the chairperson is responsible to the director for that committee. The directors are responsible to Belva Lebeck.
Ann Norton – Director
Wedding and Funeral Committees
Ann Norton – Chairperson
Afterglow Committee
Ron & Jackie Wassom & Chuck & Belva Lebeck  – Chairpersons
Nikki Burkey – Chairperson
Kitchen Supply
Nathan & Heather Castonguay – Chairpersons
Hospitality Committees
Banfield/Battle Creek
Barbara Holmes – Chairperson
Men’s Commitee
Wyatt Holmes – Chairperson
Floral Committee
Renda Keck – Chairperson
Sunshine Committee
Barbara Holmes
Flowers & Fruit Baskets
Richard & Martha Cross – Chairpersons

Service Committee Responsibilities

Wedding; Funeral; Afterglow;
Members of these committees will need to be available to prepare, receive, serve and take care of food after the respective events, They will also need to be prepared to help clean up the kitchen and remove the garbage if necessary. Typically members of these committees will be asked to serve for only a portion of the event and not the whole thing. For example, if you were serving at a funeral, you might be asked to come in early to help prepare food or you might be asked to come at the appropriate time to help to serve the food or you might be asked to come in at the end to help with the clean up. You would not be expected to stay for the whole thing unless you desire to or you were the chairperson.
Members of the Hospitality Committees will assist in the preparation of meals to be taken into families in need (for example, outpatient surgery, hospital stay, a death in the family) Two or three members may work together on one meal, or one member may prepare and deliver the entire meal.
Members of the Men’s Committee will be responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs for any church activity. They will also assist in clean up following a church event (vacuuming, mopping, empty trash, etc.).
Members of the Cleaning Committee will clean assigned areas of the church.
The Floral Committee will be responsible for placing appropriate tablecloths and floral arrangements in the auditorium and may be asked to work with other committees to provide table decorations in the fellowship hall.
Members of the Nursery Committee will be assigned certain days for serving in the nursery.
Process new books and re-shelve returned books.
Note: Anyone using the kitchen for any occasion must clean up and see the towels and washcloths are laundered and returned.