M&Ms is the ministry group that serves our seniors and retirees. Regular attenders of CCBC who are 60 or older, retired, or married to someone who is are eligible to participate in this ministry. Exceptions are allowed at the discretion of the M&M leadership. The M&M leadership usually approaches new attendees and invites them to join after observing their commitment to regular involvement at CCBC. 
The M&Ms try to schedule four or more outings per year. The Word of God is the main priority, followed by fellowship, food, and the activity (in that order). We encourage people to invite unchurched guests to M&M activities as an outreach !
The M&M’s would like to thank the kind
and generous person who paid our way
to the Faith Christian School dinner matinee.
We really appreciated it!
A great time was had by all at the Wild Animal Park in Alto Mi. Wish all could have attended!