Sunday School

The teens meet with the rest of the classes for our Sunday school opening at 9:45am and then go to their own class, which covers new topics and series every quarter. The teen Sunday school class meets year-round and is taught by Pastor Holmes. 

Youth Group

Our teens meet from 5:30 – 7:00 on Sunday evenings during the school year. Other youth activities and service opportunities are scheduled throughout the year. We value discipleship, service, and relationships, and try to foster those priorities through our youth activities. Please join us or talk to our youth leaders to find out more!

Summer Camp

Every summer we organize a trip to Camp CoBeAc in Prudenville, MI for our teens (and juniors as well). We encourage as many to go as possible to sit under the preaching of the Word, enjoy fellowship with other Christian young people, learn the benefits of accountability, and make spiritual commitments. 

Youth Preaching Service

Since we believe it is the job of the church to prepare young men for the ministry, we dedicate two services each year to preaching from the young men in our youth group. We encourage all our young men to participate whether they feel a definite call to ministry or not. In the weeks leading up to the service, our pastors spend time with our young preachers to provide help with exegesis, sermon construction, and public speaking. As John Newton said, “None but He who made the world can make a Minister of the Gospel.” But we believe our church can value the work of preaching, encourage men to consider the call to ministry, and give them tools to pursue it.   

Registration Form

Because we value the safety of your children, we request that you fill out the registration form below for your children before having them participate in our youth ministries. 
November 27, 2022 Youth Preaching Service

Pastor Norton and Pastor Holmes with the young teen men that preached Nov. 27, 2022

Eyan Tuthill – one of our young men preachers Nov 27, 2022

Zack Norton – one of our young men preachers Nov 27, 2022

Noah Burkey was one of the young men that preached Nov 27, 2022


Cedar Creek Christian School

For information about Cedar Creek Christian School, please check out our school page.